KCNA Commentary Ridicules NATO for Going Meddlesome

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- NATO, an organization serving the U.S. in Europe, is biting off more than it can chew.

    The North Atlantic Council, a decision-making body of NATO, at a "special meeting" on Dec. 15 issued a statement denouncing the DPRK over the measures it has taken to bolster a nuclear force for self-defence.

    The body in the statement called the DPRK's acts "violation of its obligation under international law including UNSC resolutions and a challenge to Nuclear Non-proliferation System," and made senseless remarks that those acts "increase threat to the international peace and security."

    The statement mentioned "additional international sanctions and pressure" and held that all the nuclear weapons and existent nuclear and ballistic missile development program of the DPRK should be "dismantled in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way."

It is something beyond normality that the NATO whose mission is to "defend peace and security in the North Atlantic region" poke its nose into the Korean issue to which it is not entitled.

    One thing clear is that by releasing the statement the NATO proved itself to be a puppet-like body serving the U.S. the same way as the south Korean puppet regime does and a merely nominal body which would move even at the beck and call of the puppet regime.

Before making public the statement, the deputy secretary-general of NATO had a huddle with the second vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of south Korea. Irony is that NATO is playing into the hands of the Park Geun Hye regime breathing its last due to the unprecedented hideous scandal.

    As known, the Park Geun Hye group only parroted what was uttered by the U.S. aster and particularly by the "divination omen" made by a shaman.

    Shortly ago, the chief for diplomatic planning for north's nuclear program of the south Korean Foreign Ministry at a briefing in Seoul said that Europe is within the firing range of north Korean missiles and NATO has become a target as a whole, only to make fool of himself as he failed to answer questions raised by reporters demanding presentation of evidence proving the accuracy of information. This is by no means accidental.

    Chris Ogden, an expert on security in Asia of Saint Andrewes University of Britain, held that key rivals of north Korea are south Korea, the U.S. and Japan, not Europe, adding the "story of threat to Europe by north Korean missiles" can be an exaggerated propaganda for getting diplomatic effect.

    Those with no insight into the trend of the times and without principle are bound to be treated as fool.

    The moves for building armed forces independent of NATO being pushed forward by the European Union point to the international community's stand on NATO and its worth.

In the present unequal international relations swayed over by strength and high-handedness, to build strength for defending the country's sovereignty and right to existence is a full-fledged right of a sovereign state no one can deny.

    NATO, a body bereft of independence and playing into the hands of the south Korean puppet forces, should not say this or that about the DPRK as it is unaware of the essence of the issue, but had better stop functioning as a tool harassing international peace and security.

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