Researcher of DPRK Foreign Ministry Snipes at Anti-DPRK Invective by Official of U.S. Department of State

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- Jang Su Ung, researcher of the Institute for American Studies of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, issued the following commentary titled "Nonsense talked by those on deathbed" on Thursday:

    Robert King, "special envoy for human rights in north Korea" of the U.S. Department of State, recently sponsored together with the south Korean puppet regime the second round of the meeting of "councils for human rights in north Korea" and a seminar in Seoul, where he claimed that "the human rights issue in north Korea makes it hard to acknowledge the validity of its regime" and "it is necessary to boost the flow of information into north Korea such as broadcasting for its citizens in order to pressurize it".

    What King uttered is just the last-ditch effort of the Obama group which failed in the political and military standoff with the DPRK.

    It is a tragicomedy that the riff-raff of the U.S. and south Korea branded as human rights tundra gathered like birds of a feather flocking together to clamor for "improvement of someone's human rights".

    It is just the U.S. where the society is seriously divided and the people live in uneasiness and horror amid the ever-festering conflict over racial discrimination and migrant crisis and large-scale demos taking place in many cities such as New York and Los Angeles even at this moment.

    What is extremely strange is that the U.S. has gone so imprudent as to hold a "human rights" confab in south Korea where the hatred of Park Geun Hye who is the worst human rights abuser equal to her master U.S. is running high among the public amid the candlelight actions involving millions of protesters.

    King often talks about the improvement of someone's "human rights" but this is no more than a petty trick to evade public criticism about his behavior of idling his time away under the weird mask of "special envoy for human rights in north Korea" only to earn his daily bread.

    The U.S., failing to mind its own business, is crying out for putting "pressure" upon the DPRK and boosting "flow of information into it" in league with the south Korean regime on death-bed. This is no more than a poor farce of Obama and Park Geun Hye groups whose ends are looming.

    No matter how desperately the U.S. works to paint a black picture of the "human rights" situation in the DPRK, they can never twist the true situation of the DPRK where its people are enjoying the genuine human rights at the highest level as genuine masters of its society.

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