The Trump Presidency

ohan Galtung from Washington DC, 13 Nov 2016 - TRANSCEND Media Service

Donald Trump passed the CBS 60 Minutes TV test on Sunday evening 13 Nov in Washington.  So did the very well prepared journalist. What came through was a relaxed Trump, in command not only of voice and body language and short crisp answers, almost always straight to the points, but also of an amazing array of facts.  A quick learner; but also considerably better educated (Wharton) than his competitors.

Watch out: the 45th president may end up among the top 10. Or 5?

He was confronted with his many negative comments on groups in US society and campaign promises; and his answers were all as predicted in the four preceding mini-columns on The Trump Presidency. The journalist would have done us a favor had she focused less on campaign statements and more on the new Prescient Elect Trump not only handling relations to the Clintons and Obama gracefully, but full of new ideas.

But she was right in drawing attention to massive anti-Trump demonstrations in nine major cities around the USA.  Trump has a point about “professional demonstrators”, but the anti-Trump sentiment is genuine and totally understandable given the former Candidate Trump.

However, the demonstrators should consider that winning the election gives him a strong position in a democracy; well understood by the Clintons and Obama. The demonstrators say: we know better than that (stupid) majority! Challenge his presidency, not the election.

Moreover, any demonstrator who voted for Clinton voted for war; preferring a possible nuclear war with Russia to controversial Trump.  Do people with that political profile merit being taken seriously?

Trump owes many groups inside and outside the USA an apology. He should meet them publicly for dialogues that may or may not end with conciliation, depending on both sides.  In the meantime, his “Stop It!” to the racism of some of his own people was appropriate and useful.

And this is the last Trump mini-column. Next on this theme: TMS Editorial, 23 Jan 2017.

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